Fundamentals of Music Enrichment Program – GLMS loves it when Fundamentals of Music fills our halls with the songs, sounds, music, dance, and instruments of different culture from across the world.  We are proud to partner with the Bay Area’s Fundmental of Music to offer weekly music sessions for all the students, as it improve rhythm, tone, and helps to expand cultural views. – The GLMS PTO raises funds to promote weekly sessions of the Soccer Shots enrichment program for all our students.  Soccer Shots teaches the children team work, motor skills, general concepts of soccer, health and fitness, teamwork, and self confidence. – GLMS is proud to partner with LaField’s Heirloom Treats, catering which features rustic, seasonal and local food customized to your event.  We work with LaField’s catering for our events and hot lunches. – The GLMS PTO has funded our weekly Yoga program for all students.  Children enjoy benefits from yoga too.  Since children are not mini-adults, classes are modified not only to engage but to aid in the child’s learning and experience benefiting their gross motor skills, fine motor development, whole brain development, relaxation, increased focus, and enhanced creativity.